Funny Things They Say – May Editon

This is the May edition of “Funny Things My Kids Say.” Enjoy!

Dash: Pretty soon Dad is going to lose his hair. What day is Dad going to lose his hair?

Funny Things Dash Says - Father's Day edition

Me: Don’t take off your shoes in the car please.
Dash: But my feet were so tired and they couldn’t sleep!


Dash: (referring to his sister’s diaper) If she’s stinky, she sits by Mom.
Dad: Great idea!


Dash: (referring to a nectarine he is eating) Does this have a seed?
Me: No it has a pit.
Dash: It has an armpit?


Dash: It’s a mess in here. [the car]
Me: I probably need someone’s help to clean it up.
Dash: Yeah, maybe Dad’s help.


Dash: Does “neat” mean “cool” in French?


Dash: You’re welcome Dad. You’re welcome Mom. You’re welcome Brighton. I’m welcome too.


(after managing to “make up” some rather worrisome words at the dinner table)
Me: Please watch your mouth son.
Dash: But Mom, I can’t see my mouth!


  1. Nomadic Living says

    Hysterical! Out of the mouths of our babes! Especially love the one that Dash believes his sis can sit near you if she has a dirty diaper and dad agrees :)

    Thanks for the giggles!

    ~Happy WW

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