Learn how to actually use that iPhone to take beautiful pictures.

These compact cheat sheets are the manual that didn't come with your phone. Learn how to take better pictures in any situation, with the camera you always have with you!

Are you frustrated with your iPhone camera? 

​Then stop using it like a cheap point & shoot. 

Are you just pressing the shutter button and hoping for the best?

That phone in your pocket has an extremely powerful camera, top-notch lenses, and amazing algorithmic software... so why are you using it like a lame point & shoot?

If you can't figure out why your phone never seems to cooperate, let me help you!

The iPhone has different modes and functions that all excel in the right conditions. Your pictures will improve by leaps and bounds once you understand when and how to use those modes. ​

Did you buy an iPhone because you wanted to take great pictures of your family?   

The iPhone camera is totally capable of taking wall-worthy pictures of your kids -- but it's not just the phone specs that matter. How you actually use your phone will make the biggest impact on your photos. 

​But it's not like your phone came with a camera manual, did it?

These cheat sheet cards are like a photography class in your pocket, to teach you how to use your iPhone to its fullest capabilities. ​With this knowledge, you'll be able to take great shots that you'll be proud to hang on ​the wall​.

Here's exactly what the Smartphone Photography deck covers:

Camera Functions

  • ways to trigger a photo
  • focusing well
  • adjusting exposure
  • pro camera hacks
  • selfie tips

​Camera Modes

  • ​Portrait Mode & effects
  • ​HDR Mode
  • Live Mode & effects
  • Burst Mode


  • ​basic editing options
  • common term definitions 
  • editing apps

Share & Backup

  • the Photos App
  • sharing photos efficiently
  • backing up your photos 

Wish your pictures looked more like what you see on Instagram? 

All those jaw-dropping pictures you love on Instagram? They are edited, which is not the same as adding a filter on top! Filters don't take the image content into account, but editing means you can enhance what's already in the picture to bring out the best colors and lighting. 

However, editing is often overwhelming for beginners, especially  since it uses unfamiliar lingo. The editing section of this deck walks you through basic terminology and how each thing affects your image, ​so you can get the exactly the look you want. 

Ever wonder if your photos are actually backed up? 

Accidents happen. Phones go for a swim, get stolen, suddenly stop working, or disappear thanks to mischievous toddlers. Or worse, those ​your kiddo accidentally deletes a year worth of photos without you realizing! #truestory

Instead of wondering and worrying, use the tips on these cards to ​kid-proof your life. The section on backup & sharing will provide tons of tips for how to deal with photos easily and efficiently!

Ready to take better pictures of your family?

It's not just the phone that matters - you've got to know how to use it too! This Smartphone Photography deck will teach you all the tips and tricks you need to master your iPhone for just $30!

These cheat sheets are like a photography course in your pocket, for a fraction of the price.

​iPhone-specific content

​Don't settle for general tips - get specific ​tutorials ​for how to use your iPhone! These cheat sheets cover the modes and capabilities of ​every model running iOS 12+, so you can learn how to use the features you paid for. ​

​Convenient, bite-sized tips

​No long-winded ​explanations here! These cards contain only the best tips, to help you understand how your phone works ​without overwhelming you.  Everything is color coded and easily accessible. ​

Durable & pocket-sized

These cheat sheets are printed on thick, glossy plastic with rounded corners, so they'll never get ​ripped up in your ​bag. They fit comfortably in your hand or pocket, ​and slide easily on a ring to keep them organized on the go. ​

Stop missing moments.

Get these cards and capture what you see, with the camera you always have with you!

​Don't wait to improve your photography skills - your family is growing up now! These cards are a steal at just $30, including shipping, compared to a ​class that would be hundreds of dollars.


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