Wordless Wednesday: Three Monkeys

Wordless Wednesday: Monkey Cousins

A few weeks ago we got to see some of the cousins at Grandma’s house. We tried to get the three older kids to do the Three Monkeys pose: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil…. 

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Kid Camera Review: VTech Kidizoom Camera Connect by SnapHappyMom.com

Child’s Camera Review: VTech Kidizoom Camera Connect

One of the suggestions we made on the birthday/Christmas wishlist was a child-appropriate camera for Dash. He’s been pretending with kaleidoscopes for months, and has perfected a fairly authentic shutter sound effect… I guess that’s what you get for having a photographer as a mom! The grandparents surprised Dash with his own camera for his fourth… 

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Mom Conference: free online classes this week!

Mom Conference: free, online classes this week!

Have you ever met an amazing mom, and wished she would share all her motherhood secrets with you? Like how she can get kids to cooperate without yelling, or how she sets social media boundaries? Don’t you wish she would teach you how to whip out a month’s worth of meals in just a few… 

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Through The Lens Of A Four-Year-Old - SnapHappyMom.com

Through The Lens Of A Four-Year-Old

Our son got a camera for his fourth birthday. It’s definitely the quality you’d expect out of a child’s “toy” camera, but it does take real pictures, which was all he really wanted. 500 pictures and two set of batteries later, he’s still loving that camera. Since he clearly understands that memory is cheap, I… 

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Knoala App - Raise Happier Kids - A post by SnapHappyMom.com

Introducing the Knoala App – Helping You Raise Happier Kids

  This play idea is brought to you by Knoala: Raise Happier Kids. Knoala is a free app that offers activities for parents to enjoy with infants to preschoolers. The Knoala app is a free iOS app that provides activity prompts to do with your children. In a world where it’s easy to get overwhelmed… 

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Introducing Canva: An Awesome Design Tool For Bloggers - SnapHappyMom.com

Introducing Canva: An Awesome Design Tool For Bloggers

Heard of Canva? It’s a free, web-based design tool that makes it amazingly simple to create graphics for your blog. Here’s why it’s so awesome: You can create professional-looking graphics with no experience or training. The interface is extremely easy to use: everything is intuitive and simple. It has drag-and-drop functionality that lets you resize and… 

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Pi Day Invitations – Free Download

Are you celebrating Pi Day this year? Pi as in 3.14159… yup, that pi. When your husband is a math-guy, you learn to appreciate these things! Plus, how hard is it to get on board with a holiday solely based around dessert? It’s my kind of holiday! We celebrate Pi Day every year by having… 

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Funny Things Dash Says #1 - SnapHappyMom.com

Funny Things Dash Says

This year I want to write down more of the funny things my kids say. I’ve loved reading Janssen’s All Ella posts, and I want to have that same record of my kids. Here are the amusing things I’ve managed to write down this month for Dash.

Mom With A Camera (And Why That Matters) - SnapHappyMom.com

Mom With a Camera (And Why That Matters)

I want you to think of the pictures you have from your childhood. What pictures do you remember? Are they posed shots with generic props in a studio? Or are they candid shots your mom or dad took because you were doing something cute?

Last Minute Valentines - SnapHappyMom.com

A Few More Last Minute Photo Valentines

If you’re still trying to figure out a Valentine that includes a photo, here are some great quick options!

Olympic Birthday Party - SnapHappyMom.com

Olympics Birthday Party [for Young Kids]

We love the Olympics! With Dash’s birthday this week, I thought a Little Athlete’s birthday party would be perfect. My little guy adores sports of all kinds, and we’ve had Olympic re-enactments in the last year and a half since London! Here’s how we threw an Olympics Birthday Party for young children.