Snap Happy Mom at 39 weeks

39 Weeks and a Baby!

This baby is coming!

When I was pregnant with my first son, I was pretty scared of the idea of induction. I really wanted to know what going into labor felt like, so I went past my due date a few days before my son came on his own. Then my daughter was 10 days early and I never got far enough to think about the possibility of inducing. This time around, we are in the midst of changing jobs/insurance and agreed that bring induced was a good option for us. If your due date and first day of work are the SAME date, then suddenly having an appointment with the hospital makes a lot of sense! Plus, I’m obviously quite small, so the doctors are eager to get this baby out and help him grow…. 

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Photo Styling Tips - 8 Tips From a Pro For Styling Beautiful Photos -

Photo Styling Tips from a Pro

I took a class on Photo Styling at Alt Summit, given by the talented Audrey King of French Knot Studios. It was a hands-on workshop, so we were about to play with supplies from sponsors, including these cute invites from Tiny Prints. Audrey led the class, and walked around offering tips and guidance while we… 

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Snap Happy Mom Family on Independence Day

Our Fourth of July

We had a great Fourth of July this year! We’ve never actually spent this holiday in Arizona, since we make a point to leave the mostly-miserable July weather for cooler temperatures. But, with the impending arrival of our baby boy (12 days?) it was best to spend Independence day here.

Our Tall Sunflower

Funny Things They Say – June Edition

These kids of mine just keep getting funnier (and more creative!) Me: Let’s wash off your hands. Brighton: No, I will just lick them, ok?

"We don't balance work and motherhood, we juggle." - Joy Cho at Alt Summit - post by

We don’t balance- we juggle.

Last week at Alt Summit, Joy Cho of Oh Joy said something profound that immediately clicked for me: “We don’t balance work and motherhood: we juggle.”

Pregnant At Alt? Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself. -

Pregnant At Alt? Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself.

I already recaped some of my thoughts here, but I wanted to touch on being a pregnant at Alt Summit specifically. I was hard on myself at Alt. I knew I was spending money and time away from my family, and I wanted it to be absolutely worthwhile, which meant I wanted to participate in… 

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Takeaweays from a first time Alt Attendee

Takeaways From A First-Timer At Alt Summit

Alt Summit was amazing! I was so thankful for the opportunity to go, and I’d definitely go again. I met people who were creative, successful, and supportive. I feel more clear about my business and goals and where I want to be. Overall, it was inspiring,  informative, and helpful. Some thoughts from a first-timer….

Me and my sweet kids

Home From Alt Summit

Last week I attended Alt Summit. It was the first summer session they’ve ever held, so some things were definitely different than I expected but it was an awesome experience! I’ve dreamed about Alt for years, but the opportunity was unexpected and happened amazingly fast. I didn’t have the months of prep I expected, but… 

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2014 iPhone Photos of the Year – My Favorites

The best iPhone photos of the year were announced by the iPhone Photography Award this week. And guys, they are amazing!

Why Conferences Are Important

Why Conferences Are Important To Me

I’m really excited to announce I’m attending a conference this month: and not just any conference, but Alt Summit SLC Summer! Alt is a highly anticipated conference that I’ve wanted to attend for years. Two weeks ago, I was unexpectedly offered me a ticket, which I excitedly accepted. I’m already busy and now overwhelmed, not… 

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CameraSim Composition App - an explanation by

CameraSim Tool – Framing

Here is another of the CameraSim web apps to help you learn about your camera. The Composition app is located here and explains how to focus, frame, and then shoot!