8 Tips For Taking Pictures at Birthday Parties - SnapHappyMom.com

8 Tips For Taking Pictures At A Birthday Party

Kid birthdays are always tons of fun, and they always involve picture taking! If someone you know has a birthday coming up, here are some great tips for taking pictures at a birthday party…. 

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Chatbooks App- 60 page photo books for $6 shipped. Use "HAPPY1" for your first book free!

Chatbooks and a Free Book Code

Have you heard of Chatbooks? It’s an awesome photo printing app that works with your Instagram feed, and it’s fantastic! How much of your life is on Instagram? All of it, right? Think how amazing it would be to share those lovely memories with people in your home, not just have them stuck in your… 

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My Birth Story - SnapHappyMom.com

My Birth Story

We were thrilled to welcome a third baby into our family one month ago today! And luckily for you, it’s quite the story. FIrst some background: my husband was starting a new job, and his first day of work was my due date. Yeah, not well planned, I know. Aside from a possible gap in… 

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Canon DSLR Deal [expired]

If you’re in the market for the Canon T5i, today is a great day to buy!

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We’ve started an incredible new chapter of our life in the last month!

Tongue TIe and Getting Breastfeeding Help - SnapHappyMom.com

Tongue-Tie and Getting Help Breastfeeding

I nursed my older babies for 14 months each, so I feel like I know how things are supposed to work when it comes to breastfeeding. Those first two babies adored mom’s milk and nursed like champs. But this third baby is a whole different story because of tongue-tie.

Where to get help when brestfeeding is hard - SnapHappyMom.com

Where To Get Help When Breastfeeding Is Hard – Worldwide Breastfeeding Week Giveaway!

My life is pretty consumed by taking care of a newborn baby right now. And, despite the success I had nursing my other children, this baby is not taking easily to breastfeeding. The last two weeks have been hard, people. I went to a breastfeeding support group last week that was a game changer for… 

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Funny Things They Say July Edition

Funny Things They Say – July Edition

Here are a few of the things my hilarious kids said this month. The last one is the best!   Right after meeting her new baby brother in the hospital Brighton: Can we bring him home?

Snap Happy Mom at 39 weeks

39 Weeks and a Baby!

This baby is coming! When I was pregnant with my first son, I was pretty scared of the idea of induction. I really wanted to know what going into labor felt like, so I went past my due date a few days before my son came on his own. Then my daughter was 10 days… 

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Photo Styling Tips - 8 Tips From a Pro For Styling Beautiful Photos - SnapHappyMom.com

Photo Styling Tips from a Pro

I took a class on Photo Styling at Alt Summit, given by the talented Audrey King of French Knot Studios. It was a hands-on workshop, so we were about to play with supplies from sponsors, including these cute invites from Tiny Prints. Audrey led the class, and walked around offering tips and guidance while we… 

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Snap Happy Mom Family on Independence Day

Our Fourth of July

We had a great Fourth of July this year! We’ve never actually spent this holiday in Arizona, since we make a point to leave the mostly-miserable July weather for cooler temperatures. But, with the impending arrival of our baby boy (12 days?) it was best to spend Independence day here.