Halloween Costume Parade on Instagram - Tag your posts with #SnapHappyHalloween to join the parade!

Snap Happy Halloween Parade

The costume parties are starting, and I know all you moms will be getting “snap happy” with pictures of your goblins and ghosts. This blog is all about encouraging moms to use their cameras, and I want to see your cute kids and pass along some love for your photos!

So… Snap Happy Mom is hosting a Halloween Costume Parade on Instagram!… 

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DIY Frozen Backdrop for Fancy Elsa Photos

Want to take a special picture of your daughter in her Elsa dress? Here’s a DIY idea that is simple and looks pretty in pictures.

This Frozen backdrop is easy to put together: you just need white fabric or curtains to cover the wall/floor, and then a pretty snowflake garland. These two things can totally dress up an indoor area for a magical, bright picture of your Elsa!… 

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A Lightning Photo - Another reason to shoot in raw format - Snap Happy Mom

A Lightning Photo – aka another reason to take photos in raw

I’m no stranger to taking hundred or thousands of picture in a month; I’m pretty much always behind in editing. So I’ve been going through my backlog of photos, and found this gem:

Quick and Easy Frozen Photo Shoot - Here's how you can painlessly create a Frozen-inspired area in less than ten minutes to take some pictures of a little Elsa. It's quick, easy, and cheap...but it adds just the right amount of special to that photo! - from SnapHappyMom.com

Quick And Easy Frozen Photo Shoot – Ten Minute Elsa Pictures!

Does your daughter want to be someone from Frozen for Halloween? Or does she love to dress up as Elsa at home? If your daughter already feels special in that Elsa dress, then why not take a special photo of her as well! Got ten minutes? Here’s how you can painlessly create a Frozen-inspired area… 

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10 Tips For Taking Halloween Costume Photos - SnapHappyMom.com

10 Tips For Taking Halloween Costume Photos

Halloween is coming, and that means it’s picture time! It’s so fun to look back at those photos year after year, so here are ten awesome tips to make sure those photos of your kids in their Halloween costumes are the best they can be!


Things The Kids Say – September Edition

These are the things I managed to write down this month. It’s so fun to hear them say things that make so much sense to them, but are hilarious to us.   Dash: My eyes are watering. I must be crying happy tears.

One Trick for What To Say To Parents In A Large Group Photo - SnapHappyMom.com

What To Say To Parents In A Large Group Photo

I’ve photographed a lot of large groups and families, with my fair share of grumpy, tired, shy, distracted, or misbehaving children. And I’ve come to a conclusion: pretty much nothing mom or dad says to this child is going to help the situation. Most large group photos happen in conjunction with a family reunion or… 

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PicTapGo copy

Being Hands-Free Is Awesome.

It took me three babies to find the perfect newborn carrier, but this is it! I posted a full review of the Nesting Days Carrier already, so this is the behind-the scenes look at how I’m using it in my life. I don’t always get a pictures with it on, because I’m probably home alone… 

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Snap Happy Mom Portfolio

My Professional Portfolio Is Up

I run this blog because I feel strongly about teaching parents how to use their cameras. I really want moms to feel confident with a camera in their hands, and be able to capture moments at home that matter. The tips and tutorials on this blog are intended for all mothers, not just those that… 

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Nesting Days Newborn Baby Carrier- Review, Giveaway, Promo Code!

Guys, I have a newborn baby. And despite the fact that I’ve had a baby before, I totally forget just how hard the first few months are. Moms of newborns are emotionally up and down, recovering themselves, functioning on little sleep, and still have to be responsible for a tiny human being and possibly a… 

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Chatbooks - Automatic books from your instagram photos. $6 each, shipped to your door. Use code "HAPPY1" to get your first book free!

Chatbooks Is Available For Android Users!

I’m so excited! The super popular Chatbooks app is now available in the Google Play Store! Android users rejoice! I wrote about the Chatbooks here, but the basic premise is that the Chatbooks can print 60-page, 6-inch photo albums of your Instagram or phone pictures. Their most popular product is a subscription to your Instagram… 

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Garbage Truck Book - 4 years old and still obsessed.

Snap Happy Family Favorites – Garbage Trucks Book

At four and a half years old, we are still loving the garbage truck. I thought it would fizzle out by now, but his love for the garbage truck has just matured with his age and skills. When the garbage truck first started to be an obsession, I searched out some children’s books about waste… 

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